Joining Brush Dental Care – Recruitment Process

If one word could describe the recruitment process at Brush Dental Care it would be “Straightforward”. We believe in being upfront and honest about our philosophies, expectations, and goals. We will answer questions truthfully and will stand by our word. The process starts with an email to to inquire about Brush Dental Care. Next, we like to meet at our office and go to lunch or dinner. This purpose of this meeting is to begin the relationship building process and start getting to know each other on a personal basis. The meeting is not to discuss any financial terms or agreements. At this meeting, we are looking at the potential dentist’s “fit” into the organization. We like to discuss topics such as dental philosophy, level of interest, long term goals, and reasons for a potential association. After the meeting, we talk again after a few days of thinking over our meeting. After a couple of days of thought, it will become clearer to both parties whether or not to progress forward with additional discussion. If we both think an association is worth pursing, we’ll meet again to begin discussing timeframes, financial terms, and the expected path to Partnership.