About Us: Our Story

Brush Dental Care’s startup story began like many others before us...over beer and pizza. One chilly evening in Chicago, our families were having dinner together and discussing how things were going at our existing jobs. Brandon enjoyed practicing dentistry and I liked the management aspects of my position. In our jobs, we both felt that we could make changes to our organizations that would make them better. As the discussion progressed we both came to the conclusion that we were looking for a change and a new opportunity. The question was put to the table: could we start something together, and if so, what would it look like?

Brandon was currently working for a successful organization that managed multiple dental offices. He enjoyed concentrating on being a dentist and working with patients and not having the task of running the business aspects of the practice. I was currently working with an organization which owned and operated schools across the US and internationally. After discussing the corporate roles which Brandon’s organization performed it became very apparent that I was doing many similar roles for my organization. At the end of the evening, we decided to think over the possibility of starting a company in the dental industry. We agreed to break the decision into three phases: (1) whether or not this sounds like something we’d really be interested in, (2) analyzing if it made business and professional sense, and (3) determining if we were both fully committed on a long term basis and 100% dedicated to making it become a success.

Over a period of 9 months we dedicated a lot of time and thought to each phase. We had frequent discussions which were open and frank. We had always been extremely close as brothers and this experience brought us closer. During this time, we also felt strongly that we both wanted to raise our families near each other so that our children could grow up together. We were careful to be objective in our decision making process by bringing trusted mentors to review our business plan and providing us with alternative viewpoints. We also had many discussions on what we believed to be the most important aspect of a company and what would differentiate it from others in the industry. We felt that the mission and culture of the company were most important. Building a company where the culture was to always be ethical, patient centered, rewarding to committed and high performing employees, efficiently run and fun to work at was most important to us. At the end of the nine month review period, we emphatically answered yes to each phase and became convinced that we could make it work and build a great, successful organization.

We decided on North Carolina because Brandon was based here for three years in the military. He and his wife had fallen in love with the area and my wife and I had always enjoyed visiting Brandon there and had become fond of the idea of living near the coast to raise our family.