Joining Brush Dental Care – Expansion Opportunities

Listed below outlines the type of expansion we would like to pursue. It is preferred by Brush Dental Care to have the practice valuation to be performed by an independent agency to ensure a true market value for the practice. Having a professional, independent third party appraise the practice ensures that both parties are represented fairly.

In all scenarios, please contact Barry Farrell at to setup a discussion and meeting time.

  • A dentist with an existing private practice who is looking to join Brush Dental Care is our ideal expansion opportunity. We have had success with this type of transition with Dr. Mintz and it worked well for both parties involved. In this situation, we would take an ownership position and the practicing dentist would continue treating patients as usual with the help of Brush Dental Care in other areas of the business. This type of expansion opportunity works because the transition is minimal to the patient. The dentist and staff continue to provide great quality care to their patients and the dentist does not have the business burden of running the practice alone anymore.

  • A dentist who is looking to discontinue working in their area is another expansion opportunity we would like to pursue. In this scenario, we would need to recruit a new dentist to work in the office. We are always recruiting new dentists in order to anticipate this type of expansion opportunity. A comfortable transition timeframe between dentists would be preferred to promote patient retention.

  • A dentist looking to retire within a few years after joining Brush Dental Care would also be a good fit. Selling their practice at an optimal time is critical for dentists as they look to retire. After selling the practice, the dentist will have eliminated their worries about selling and running the business aspects of their practice and could now focus solely on treating their patients’ dental needs. When the time comes to find the right associate dentist to work at their practice, the retiring dentist can also take an active role in selecting someone they feel has the personal characteristics they feel are most important to continue developing the practice which they more than likely spend a career building.

  • A dentist, who is looking to work in southeastern North Carolina, has reviewed our website, and who would like to be considered for a position within Brush Dental Care is encouraged to contact us. Making contact and building a relationship with Brush Dental Care is a great way to solidify a position with the company so that when a transition opportunity becomes available we can move quickly and already have a working relationship developed. In this scenario, patience is critical by the dentist seeking work because transition opportunities are hard to predict when they will become available.