Future Plans: Goals

Our goal for Brush Dental Care is to be a successful company on several different fronts. Not only does BDC treat each patient with the highest quality dental care, but BDC also strives to be a company where employees are proud to work and where our reputation in the communities in which we serve is extremely positive. Our goals and measures for success are not based solely on the number of patients seen or production numbers. Every dentist and every office has different capabilities and strengths which we understand. However, to be a successful company we must operate the business efficiently to promote success and achieve reasonable and sustainable growth. Our approach to efficiently running the business involves optimal staffing, utilizing technology, selective marketing, and employee incentive planning. Being efficient allows our success to be shared with our Partner dentists and to retain employees. Over the next three to five years, our goal is to expand to five dental practices all located within approximately an hour drive from Wilmington. The reason why we have selected five practices is because we feel we can continue to operate efficiently and build long lasting relationships with employees and communities. By expanding too large or too quickly, we feel it would jeopardize our efficiency, we would risk losing the intimate feel of the organization, and it would require us to increase our corporate overhead which is something we are not interested in pursuing.