Joining Brush Dental Care – Career Path

At Brush Dental Care, we look to hire long term employees. Turnover of dentists is bad for the company, but even more importantly it negatively affects staff and patients. Because it is our goal to have longevity of staff, the expectation of all dentists we hire is for them to become Partners with Brush Dental Care. We are selective in who we hire and make it a point not to hire someone who is looking to just gain experience and then leave the practice after a couple of years. Additionally, the dentist must share our same dental philosophy and be committed to our mission. The time frame to make Partner is dependant on many factors, but one should not expect the process to take more than two years; in fact, our goal is to promote Dentist to Partner after one year. The career path to Partnership is relatively simple and we do not have a production milestone in place in order to achieve this distinction. First, all dentists begin working for Brush Dental Care as an employee. During this time, we look for dentists who treat patients with the best possible care, uphold our mission to the fullest extent, treat their staff with respect, display the highest level of professionalism, have a curiosity for learning, work smart, and help to put processes in place to achieve sustainable growth. We believe if your performance matches these traits, you’ll make Partner.